Monday, 20 October 2014

Chess Competition Winners

Mr Fagg has been very busy over the last few weeks organising an internal chess championship. The competition is now over, but I thought you would like to know the winners, so here they are:-

TES Year 1 Chess Champion – Jason                    Serow  B1.1

TES Year 2 Chess Champion – Stephen              Gecko B2.2

TES Year 4 Chess Champion – Brendon             4TH     B4.3               

TES Year 5 Chess Champion – Alex                  5CG    B5.2

TES Year 6 Chess Champion – Shu An              6SD     B6.1

TES Year 3 and  Overall TES Primary Chess Champion – Ethan           3AL B3.2

 Well done to all our winners, and a big thank you to Mr Fagg who gave up his own precious time to organise the competition - you're a winner too Mr Fagg!

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